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My Stained Glass Lead SuperBlade Pro Presets....   You can use them to outline my Glass Presets or the preset or color of your choice, to create a stained glass look. In my tutorial below I used a PSP gradient and then used my Lead preset on the outline.


Unzip into your environments and textures folder, as per the example on the next line.

"PLUGINS\superbladepro\environments and textures"

. Start with a transparent image. Add a layer.

. Click the text tool. Make the stroke size 2 or 3. Make the background nil and the foreground white.

. When the image is made, use the preset on the foreground only.

. Make a new layer.

. Then repeat the procedure with the same stroke size but this time make the background a color or pattern and the foreground nil.

. Then move this layer down one to under the stained glass layer.

. Then click merge layers and add your shadow or just put the shadow on the bottom layer of text.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.