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Updated February 2nd, 2009

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SuperBladePro Coconutice Clear Glass Preset

This is my clear glass preset for SuperBladePro. (
This is my clear glass preset for BladePro.  (

Above is how it looks over white.
Below you can see how it is used to its' best advantage,
over patterened text to look like clear glass.

Tutorial for creating an image with the Clear Glass Preset (m_coconutice) using PSP

Start with a new transparent background image and fill with the pattern you want to use. 

Add a new layer. Choose your font. A fat font is good. My background is the same pattern and my foreground color is a darker blue stroke at 1. I have anti alias and vector checked.

Now place your text on your image and stretch the corners to line up the pattern in your text with the pattern in the background.   A pleasing effect can be obtained by not matching up the pattern also.

Once you have it to the desired size, click on the 'convert to raster tool' (you can also find this under layers on the tool bar at the top).

Do a Ctl X and a Ctl E. The image will now be selected. With the mover tool, place it exactly where you want it on the background..

Now open up your Super Blade Pro and apply the m_coconutice preset.

Press Ctl D to get rid of the selection.

Apply a black shadow if desired. I used vertical 3, horizontal 3, opacity 67and blur 5 and changed the opacity to 50 for the snowflake.

At this point you can still move your text around to place it in different positions.

Then press Merge Layers and it is done.


Here is another example but this time I used a white drop shadow.